Support Introduction

Welcome to the iTagg technical documentation
This support area is designed to aid clients and in particular programmers and technical developers with using our HTTPs/POST + SMPP API's for the following services...

Dashboard and default settings
A number of settings for keywords and delivery receipts can be configured manaually within the Dashboard. Please familiarise yourself with the options and contact us if you have any questions.

Account management and iTagg technical support staff
For technical assistance call Steve Procter or email steve@sms.expert anytime.

During office hours you can also chat online with our SMS experts using the Chat button...

Support Home

Main dashboard
Campaign manager
SMS Expert home page
Sending SMS (http)
Send outbound SMS
Receive delivery receipts
Sending SMS (smpp)
Please call for details
Receiving SMS
Receive inbound SMS
Wallet Balances
SMS + keyword balances
Keyword Tools
Keyword availability
Register keyword
Set keyword forwarding

List keywords
Renew keyword
Delete keyword
Replace keyword

Tool response codes